Yeah. Let the diez drama to diez people. Replying isn't bad if it states an argument, but if not, then it is spamming.

And no sorry... your name on a few pages twice isn't the same as "more than 2" as I said.

No offence, but maybe now you have better arguments than before, but your name still keeps the spammer status in the collective memory. Can past 10 years without posting but people will always remember how someone was.

exactly i agree with you, i even start to argue about with my french teacher lol!!
he dosent put word banks on the test and shit, he expects us to know everything in 18 weeks, but he says how he learned english but he had 5 years and we only got 18 weeks. welll i just put some good arguments agisnt him had him owned for a min or 2

i agree with diez topic but then i disagree, there can be a ares "drama" but when someone from diez goes in there starts saying whats on his mind then its "ok" for them to do it because its posted in GC..its been said a few times, i also agree with the collective memory, i stoped posted for about a week, then i post 1 time and get "qouted" and they said spammer zz

now see, aba likes to do this now for some reason, geting to be like hk23 always doing emotions, now aba i dont know if you never get warned but "shurt" sees this hes suppose to warn, just letting you know, unless your like invincible from geting warned baba