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Are you serious?

This is a discussion on Are you serious? within the Feedback forums, part of the General category; Originally Posted by mythlost It is not so much of the sharing the char its the owning the char if ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mythlost View Post
    It is not so much of the sharing the char its the owning the char if both people put money into they char and they have a agreement then both people own the char and when its sold it split 50/50 alot of people do this even i did in eurko saves money. Now if your saying if one owner is banned from ko4life then the other cant sell the char doesn't make sense to me. if that was the case 1/4 of the chars in ko4life are sold that way as most of the majority of the english speaking ko people now days r banned from ko4life hence why its dead (lets be honest here some for scamming others for dumb reasons). If someones is gonna sell the char and they own half they should be allowed to sell the char since they are putting there rep into it, unless there not really selling and posting for someone else casue to me that should be illegal. Or if your gonna do these enforce it cause so far you have only did it to peop who played in undez when there are other peop out there doing it right now who you let do it its not a secret the community who actually plays the game knows it. Be fair to all
    so that would be fair for you if sombody would scamm your let`s say for 200 usd, he get banned for that, and right after his sharer would try to sell character that he made with guy who scammed you. Or maby he would rename a character that was scammed from you (worth 200 usd) and put for sell by "sharer". I wonder if that would be still fair in your opinion? 100 difrent cases and ways coming to my mind how people could use hole in forum rules if he would be allowed to sell that char.

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    Quote Originally Posted by camaz0tz View Post
    Provide proof to us the account is YOURS and you aren't just lying saying "we shared" and we'll allow the account to be sold. It's simple. Here's the infraction I sent to coolboy:

    Coolboy did not provide proof otherwise, in fact he did the opposite. He provided proof we were RIGHT, then went on to try to argue with us on top of that. He claimed multiple times he's selling for someone else, but justified it as being "ok" because he was getting a split in the profits. That does NOT make it ok. You are still selling for someone else, whether or not you receive some of that money yourself or not.

    As for people sharing, all we ask is you provide some kind of proof you actually shared the account. If you don't provide any kind of proof we are forced to believe you are lying about sharing and are simply selling for someone else. It's really quite simple.

    If one of the account owners was banned for scamming, it's very highly likely(99.9%) we won't allow the character to be sold on the forum. Why? To protect our users.

    Edit: For those thinking we are picking on undez, that's entirely untrue. EUKO and the situation with bans related to undez brings up a very unique situation. EUKO is a very new server, it's very easy to tell accounts from one another based on the items they have. At the same time, it's very rare we ban well known people. Combine the two and it's very easy to tell if someone is selling for someone who was banned. This is a unique situation and has nothing to do with Undez, it has to do with something we would enforce no matter who involved if we had the same knowledge.

    Quote Originally Posted by coolboyp2 View Post
    My selling topic was deleted because I was selling for someone else? are you fucking kidding me?
    I'm splitting the money with someone who has been banned ( wrongfully , but that's not the point here ) , I'm not selling for him solely.
    I want the post back on Europa section immediately.
    I'm sick and tired of your bullshit , camaz0tz.

    These are Devile's rules Gamers4Life Rules
    • Gamers4Life does NOT support scamming. Proven scammers will NOT be allowed to trade in this forum.
    • It is strictly against to rules to post a marking topic for a friend or anyone other than yourself.

    EUKO rule

    5. No members may sell items for someone else. * Members will be permanently banned for violating this rule; after investigation and confirmation by forum staff.

    Yep you pretty much hanged yourself. I think cama gave you a break by just deleting your thread instead of banning you.

    Also why do you think a banned person deserves the benefits of this forum?

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    Devile , can you close/delete the topic to make the spamming monkies go away?

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    No one is spamming. Don't be sore just because no one agrees with you.

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