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Knight Online World Europe

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[topic updated: 26/11/12]

Welcome to the topic of kow.eu i guess your wondering what this topic is all about so here goes.

Knight Online World Europe will be an English Knight Online private farm server (With other language support), we are looking to provide users a place to remember the older times of Knight Online from around 2004.

Knight Online World Europe are not looking to provide you with anything new.... no new stuff you say? That's right, we're fed up of seeing all of these private servers with custom stuff who claim to be bringing back the old times of Knight Online. No border defense wars, no custom monsters, No new user interfaces.

So i bet your thinking well, what will you have? We will provide the best and most accurate 2004 Knight Online replicate as possible, both old maps Breth and Piana, Low class and Middle class upgrades, Remnants at the end of every war that drop a unique and a lotto, Forgotten temple event, Castle siege wars and other exciting events!

Here is a list of things we are working on or have done to make it as original as possible:

- Breth and Piana home maps for each Nation (With current monster locations)
- Low / Middle class scrolls fully working
- Item Rental system working
- Castle Seige wars
- Forgotten temple
- Old user interface
- Old skill looks
- Original experience rate
- Original Quests
- level cap 70
- Bronze, Silver and Gold premium only
- Original upgrade rates (depending on what the community want)

Why did i bold out the Original experience rate? Well as i see a lot of people really don't enjoy grinding or just don't have the time in general, there will be some added quests, such as killing 30 Skeletons for XX amount of experience, it wont make the leveling super easy but it will help people out who don't have a lot of time to play.

So what about player support i hear you saying? Well the panel will have a fully implemented ticket system, along with a vote point system and also a live support chat where players can get instant help if needed.

So as ive mentioned the power up store with premiums i guess your wondering what will be in it? there will be NO monster summon staffs what so ever, we feel these are only added to servers who's main goal is to make money, Yes of course bills need to be paid which is why we have setup the 3 premium system which will not cost to much, we've also added the vote system for you to obtain items through the PUS by voting.

I will be implementing a new drop system where at random people may be able to be dropped a premium card, or other such cards in-game where they can obtain premium for nothing, absolutely free.

Server security, this is one of the highest aspects of our server, we are currently searching for have in development anti cheat systems, no server is 100% anti KOXP proof, but we will do our up most to keep the server clean with active GM's. Ddos, no server is completely protected against a Ddos attack, but as i have stated we will work around the clock to prevent any problems during and after launch.

This server is going to be based mainly upon the community and what people want in there server, not what the server creator wants in there server. So remember to tell as many as your friends as possible and feel free to repost this! The bigger population the better server you have to play in!

Well ill stop blabbing on, which im pretty sure you guys are bored of by now so if you have any suggestions what so ever for the server head over to our forums (temp forum) @ Knight Online World

There is no current release date for the server but the more feedback we get the sooner we can launch!

We look forward to hearing from you!


kow.eu Team

Small video of the login, enjoy!

Here is a small preview of the login (he screams and everything!)
When İs Open ?