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Any MYKO/USKO Ares oldies around?

This is a discussion on Any MYKO/USKO Ares oldies around? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Funny... Those who knew me, knew I didn't spend "deep pocket" money to acquire "legendary gear". It's okay though, I'm ...
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    Funny... Those who knew me, knew I didn't spend "deep pocket" money to acquire "legendary gear". It's okay though, I'm sure you were a MUCH better player than me Anyway, I'm no teen these days and I'm uninterested in trying to talk about "skills" of playing KO or argue with somebody in my defense; this thread was made by someone who wanted to drop by and say hello to some old friends, so why not bring good vibes if you're going to contribute with a response? No hurt in reminiscing a cherished part of our memories for a brief moment. Most have indeed moved on with their lives and sadly it seems this game will never properly be relived again. Just a bunch of failed alternatives out there, mostly made as a cash grab or just with the wrong intentions. I believe this is the reason why some of us still sign into ko4life once in a blue moon, as I do... not just to see if there's anything new going on in the community (or what's left of it), but because we made some amazing friends through our experiences with this game. I know I have.

    If anyone wants to chat, hit me up on discord! I'd be happy to hear from more of our fellow Ares and CWest people
    Really good times, indeed.
    Special shout out to Vindictive and Ruthless, miss all of you guys.
    Here's a quick little memory of mine, maybe someone out here might remember or enjoy it (Ares very first Ultima kill)
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    Im here played with :::Aegnor::: and :::Hunting::: at Ares

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    played this game when I was 14-20 years old back in 2004-2009. Can't believe this edge case forum is still going. I think all my sealed items got stolen somehow and I stopped played. Spent maybe $1000 on here. Just checked back today for nostalgia.

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    @Dannyyyyyyyy my brooooo All of em doesnt even know who u are and who u played with One of the best Ares warriors ever , HORROR.since 2004 he rocked the game , btw Danny ive started in Felis , nostalgy , so damn fun :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjmadskillz View Post
    Can't believe this edge case forum is still going.
    That's a stretch. I personally consider these forums more like a museum to be honest. It's cool to have a place with so much history, where you can look up old stuff and think of the old times and how dumb everything was back then lol.

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