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Congrats GROBS - New LVL 70 on Ares :D

This is a discussion on Congrats GROBS - New LVL 70 on Ares :D within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Gratz on the lvl grobs, you have worked hard for it, remember seeing you at trolls all the time when ...
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    Gratz on the lvl grobs, you have worked hard for it, remember seeing you at trolls all the time when i was human. And to the retard who said something about max was getting 2 lvls in a week when he was barely lvling or some crap like that, i dont think u know what ur talking about, maybe max has been lvling fast, but no that fast, and he has lvled legit, ive seen him ALOT at golems. And why do you care if ppl that join his clan get good items (not saying that they do, and from what ive seen they dont really get +8 shells etc when they join) when they join badcompany, maybe its just a friendly clan who try to help eachother out with items etc.
    Tbh i think ur just yealous farhad....

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    Originally posted by GROBS+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(GROBS)</div>
    Originally posted by Raine+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Raine)

    GRATZ but btw
    ............... when did u beat me 3--0..... u beat me once i was without dd...but still u beat me ....i will admit that....lvl 70 does rock........i wanna kill myself after that.......soo how were u able to kill me 3 times.!! >_<......stop lying please! ....wait till i lvl to 65...i will kick yo ass! ..... last time we 1v1....u were 69 i was lvl 62...i beat u with full hp!...damn bloody beast really rocks! i will try to get it! please...don't be happy coz u beat a lvl 62 sin...XD....8 lvl different+bloody beast.....if u lose that is just sad......

    Last time when i was 69 lvl i had mirages +7 and i was without DD ... u had and u still have ur babashop items ... (shells,shards ofc +8 ,rols,IN,IB ... +1 maybe +2 h43r: )

    Gogoogogo lvling ... can't wait to raid you :lol:

    NYchris n00b dont run next time :lol:
    Last time I checked minty never had shells and doesn't use IN [/b]
    Dont worry ... today he will buy it on ebay :lol:[/b][/quote]

    Wha Wha (need a tissue?), whats so wrong with buying ebay stuff or any game related stuff for USD, I mean FFS is it a crime to have a job, and spend money on a hobby. I mean FFS why should i spend my time farming 100 shards, to burn em all at the anvil. Dont know about you but time is money bro. Farming isn't fun to me, pking is, so why use up my spare time doing something in a GAME that isn't fun. :rollseyes: Wha Wha Wha here comes the "oh now you have all babashop gear and no skill" lol who cares, If you have fun, not gonna win the noble peace prize for being the best at some online game. <_< :lol:

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    ok im an asst leader in bad company and have been with them since...shit maybe the second week the clan was created...i ran with all of these guys when they were in PW and i was still in chaos knights and im curious...WHO THE FUK STOLE MY +8 SHELL...WHERE IS MINE DAMNIT!...we help those that come into our select group the best we come in with +7 chit and someone has some +7 shell they may lend it to you if we have known you for awhile...a crime? hardly..being friendly? very...we recently got burned do to our friendships with people(side note deviousintentionz stole a +8 shard and a +7 shard from me when he got hacked and couldnt afford new weapons) now that said has deviousintentionz AKA koreanstylez ever been in BC???? nope it is just the way we roll...people helping people and sometimes we get burned....back on track Grobs sincere congrats bro i always felt a tinge of regret when we raided trolls knowing damn well you would be there...good luck and ill see ya around bro.

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    My first post at this forum to GROBS

    Gratz BABA

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