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Giving free users a queue system and moe server space.

This is a discussion on Giving free users a queue system and moe server space. within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by roguepro92 yeah so those of us that wnna just pk doesn't have to get plat lol. the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by roguepro92 View Post
    yeah so those of us that wnna just pk doesn't have to get plat lol. the xp/noah and all the other is useless if u only pk.
    you do get more np/ladder from kills with platnium then u do with bronze lol, they changed that awhile ago

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    i think a queue is a great idea for non premiums....certainly would prevent all that frustration from being constantly dc when u cant login and having to type in all the info again

    dont really understand the point of a priority point in queueing if ya gona get priority anyway over all those in the queue already

    id like to see a special fee to seal/unseal rather than having to take out a whole months worth of platinum..7 days bronze would be ok as long as it wasnt more expensive per day than monthly bronze

    quite frankly i dont think the main problems of the game have much to do with premium or non premium....if they want to improve peoples perception of the game they would just work with MGAMES to get rid of bugs and hackers. Whats the point of a free game if youre still faced with bugs and cheats.

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    There are more such things on the way; Cali and I believe we have finally gotten both Mgame and Noah systems to understand why hacking is a bad thing. I feel hopeful, and we want to try and continue things that make you happier. GamersFirst and all that :lol:

    So here is a question:
    What would you think if we removed Premium caps altogether, but replaced it with a login queue? Obviously there would still need to be some benefit of Premium, so my thoughts are this:

    • Bronze Premium goes to a priority queue
    • Gold Premium goes to the front of the priority queue
    • Platinum Premium bypasses the queue entirely

    Very nice, lets modify the premium deal so that it works on a qeue and more people can get in to pk.

    How exactly will that make the cheaters go away ? If anything it will allow them easier acces to the game as well.

    The big issue is the cheating, that is what needs to be fixed. Until then, any other event or little modification or whatever it is they want to do, wont help the game.

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    I partly agree with what Linus wrote about cheat control. Sure, the worst cheats like arrow shower and godmode are fixed, but there are new type of cheats out there, and the worst that pisses me off most is that R bug, theres 1 human warriors in diez now abusing this bug and literally slays anyone near him within 1 second (orcs in Diez, u know who he is).
    And second, I saw a couple times of ppl repeatly respawning, in other way godmode, however the abuser cant damage anyone else.
    About the idea of this queue, I think it sounds fair enough, given the ppl we need (without prem), we sure might bring up the life of CZ a bit.. Hell, now everytime I go CZ its like visit a ghost town, and when its BF time, its like a boss event in bowl.
    But in the end, the core control is K2.. So, I have very little faith in those words, considering how many times they disappointed me, while I had faiths.

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