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Knight Online ~ Free to play, Pay to connect ;D

This is a discussion on Knight Online ~ Free to play, Pay to connect ;D within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; heres an example of how shit MYKO's ranks are. a g3 clan is in the top 40 <_< seriously...if zero ...
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    heres an example of how shit MYKO's ranks are.
    a g3 clan is in the top 40 <_<

    seriously...if zero sumhow mysteriously had his char transfered to MYKO and he made his own clan..he'd probly be in the top 10, and this when hes the only member ROFL
    -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- <_<

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    Originally posted by Felix

    Give me the 9mm
    Wahahaha , well said ^_^

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    no way to do this game p2p when this game is going to end i think
    Restart all the servers and open news and make p2p this is the way "i think"

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    this game is probably gonna die in another year, there wont be anymore patch after Fire drake..except few more new items and monsters..

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    sig :P

    [ URL=][ img] [ /IMG][ /URL]
    ( just remove the spaces by [URL=htt... and so on )

    should work ^^

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    Originally posted by Rastin+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Rastin)</div>
    i really wish K2 would just hurry up and make it fully pay-2-play so all the cheap kids and freeloaders can fuck off and stop lagging the servers. you shouldnt have a say in what K2 do if you dont contribute.
    Wow, I really dont know where to begin. Lets see, for the 1st year and a half I purchased gold premium on 2 accounts plus another 40 bucks a month in knight cash. Thats roughly $1600 I contributed to K2.

    Then out of the blue one of there patches screw me over, I try and try to get help through customer service and got none. I then make the move to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, K2 lies about my complaint till I file a rebuttal. They claim they will fix the problem but nothing ever happens. By this time I no longer have premium, cause I refuse to pay for no service. I finally make a final CS ticket threating to file another complaint, then I finally get a partial re-imbursement.

    Now your saying that since I dont pay I shouldnt get any kind of chance to play? After 2 years of play and $1600, you know what I got? The exact same thing a non premium player has! Your the one that needs to "Fuck Off!", you think that just because your the Big "0" that you can talk like that? I use to respect you due to your skill, you've just proven to be a skilled dick! With no life! Why dont you spend the money you put into this game into a woman. Work on your lady skills, your just another cyber punk that talks trash safely behind a computer monitor.[/b]
    dude thats what i wanted to say, now u got all the credit :lol:

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    Stop complaining either buy premium,login at night or leave

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    Originally posted by Phave
    Stop complaining either buy premium,login at night or leave
    Fair enough, Ill make you a deal. Ill stop complaining as soon as all the premium players stop bitching about all the bugs, cheats, glitching, and babashoppers!!! Cause each and everyone of them knows that its part of the game and they willingly pay for it!

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    If your that bored of the login problem, try my tactic...

    Its called "THE PRESS ENTER ALL DAY GAME"....... thats free to play.

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