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My Respect Lost For Some Quitters

This is a discussion on My Respect Lost For Some Quitters within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by phantomlink beats yours tho beats my what? my pinky finger? varely :rollseyes:...
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    Originally posted by phantomlink
    beats yours tho
    beats my what? my pinky finger? varely :rollseyes:

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    Originally posted by STevarius
    I don't care if they don't care what I am saying. What I mean is why don't you give the items to your friends that you did trust and just retire the character itself?

    Hell, just keep all the items on your character if you really want incase you do come back.
    because when your friend is selling your items, and then buying a New shoes with it, instead of u , i think u will know wat i mean then.

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    Let ppl do what they feel like doing with their own stuff - virtual or real - its their own business. Respect is based on how they used their items and chars while they played. I dont expect goodies from ppl when that quit - I only expect help while they play. And again help does not mean items - it means their time, advise and attention. This game is people, not items. Items are worthless when your friends are gone - no amount of items would lessen my sadness at the fact that the people I play with are slowly leaving the game.

    I am old enough that 500 USD is not a fortune to me but to be honest when I do quit here I will, if I can, use my items and account to fund a new hobby, whatever that is (pub crawling for example) or for holidays (a weekend in Spain drinking sangria sounds cool). Now, if you were my friend, you would certainly not ask me to give up my holidays so you could play a lvl 70 mage with an elixir +8, would you?

    The only thing that bothers me in the sale of chars is the name, because I associate ppl with character names - as long as ppl namechange their chars before selling them its absolutely fine by me.
    For example I would find the following extremely ridiculous and slightly disturbing :

    Felix : Ucuzluk turkmususn burda a.q
    Doc1 : evet kardes

    (to any turkish speakers: I am sure above phrase makes no sense - dont come back translating it)

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    Originally posted by 0000000
    when i quit MYKO i sold all my items in merchant for 1 coin. But that was because items were worthless in real terms back then. If someone is sitting on thousands of dollars of shit he doesnt need anymore, he would be foolish not to sell. *

    It is not our job to control who buys what, it should be the GMs job to keep their game in order. If someone quits, why should they care what happens afterwards? Would you give a car to your friend cos you dont need it anymore?
    Yet it might make their job a bit more difficult if you decide to sell the items for real life money, which in fact is against the rules. Basically people just support the reason why they are quitting.

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