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o0DJo0 scam AperoForEver's clan bank

This is a discussion on o0DJo0 scam AperoForEver's clan bank within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; i think best move at this point is /close topic and restructure your clan drop rules. I remember going over ...
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    i think best move at this point is /close topic and restructure your clan drop rules. I remember going over ur boss drops rules waaay back when we were both dcz allied clans. Seems Infer0r was in charge of that stuff back then.

    gift the items.......always. No expectations on items unless they are HUGE like IN, IB, Skelly, ROC,ROL .....that kind of stuff.

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    just sell & split .. best method

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    Quote Originally Posted by orko View Post
    I can remember a clan that worked well with these clan bank rules, wasn't it Annihilation?

    Firstable if you join a clan you shouldn't be thinking on leaving . Thats why you all that are whining about clank banks, its because you just care about ur clans only to get items and for them to belong them, so you can later quit and sell them. And thats ok, whatever makes you happy, but dont put the hammer down on a clan that works different than what ur "item owning" reasoning. Also most ppl ive seen replying have been literally lone wolf, or guys who goes to new servers with a clan that last 3 month and then quits/sell4usd or changes to another clan... how can you have to criticize something that is morally better?

    Secondable, this topic is made to let ppl know, that the guy agreed to something, he knew the rules, and he got in clan anyways, and t hen he craped on the rules he said he would follow, he didnt return the items he had to. He didnt kept his word, and apero's are just telling you so u know that.

    If you dont like "clan bank"s clans then dont get in one! get on all those others that last 3 months and get ur items and then piss them off to get kicked or just simply leave to another clan or just to "cash out" your money, cuz ppl just dont think anymore on ko as a game but as a "play4money" event.
    well said, nothing more to add. except for there are more clans still working like that. it all depends on ppl u joining.

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