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is it possible

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    Undes ,
    1 thing to say u ... dont feel like gods if u arnt ok ?

    >>> Say hello to new AFK clan leader , u thought AFK dead ha ? we saw that today in cz ( / after killa died all the "GGs" melees towned ? ohh ) wierd lalz

    or in war ^^ till AFK stoped pk in invasion ur party didnt got out of luner vally lolz

    Really GG

    Respect :lol:

    dont forget its game so dont take it to your hearts kidos

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    degano? we are kidos?

    ata ose zhok me azmeha ha? anahnu yeladin ktanim? ata mamash leizan , ha clan selha pashut aluv beyoter.
    bo nase 8vs8 ba arena se tistemu ta pe selahem eim ha skarim ha ale.
    ve ze mamash mazhik se eze reva me ha clan selha roze lavo elenu , lo nagid semot.

    sry for the hebrew , wanted him to understand me clearly.

    CLOSE this topic , ty.

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    you're so stupid son it hurts.

    what items have i taken from clan bank. What did i babashop. (nothing, nothing)

    Aftershock made an ms +8 at the start, and gave it to me (I play the social aspect of the game better than you)

    Remember how many times i raped you 1v1, your combo is shit kid. It's hilarious that you just repeat all the things I've said to you.

    None of it with even an ounce of proof.

    this is hilarious, you're truly pathetic. baahahahhaahhaah.[/b]
    How many times you raped me devin? 0. actually, i have fraps of me raping you on nati, and im about to make a movie of warrior+rogue . i saw your combo on the vid of you vsing kenshin. LOLOLOL.
    actually, at the time i played on nati at the end, i have same items as you . about you didnt babashop, or took items from your babashoper friends, lol at you scrub. just get your self 8v8 us on arena.
    and degano, your the worst warrior on carnac west, and the times we beated your partys.. rofl. sometimes even 4v8?

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    ppls think that knight is mafia of real world lolz its so funny please go ahead and say more

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    think it's about time to close this pointless topic.[/b]

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