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Public Apology

This is a discussion on Public Apology within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; its good thing that someone knows his faults and apologize for them you are brave man thank you bro for ...
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    its good thing that someone knows his faults and apologize for them
    you are brave man
    thank you bro for this apology
    although iam not hurted from you before but i should say thanks to someone that felt sorry to ppl which they know each other only by a forum or internet
    Good luck bro in your life

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    we got about 50 pms just saying shit to us back and forward i thought it was fun lolol

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    Quote Originally Posted by THUNDERGAWD View Post
    First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my recent behavior on the forums and to a few specific people.

    I am responsible for my own words, be it written or said. I have been down many paths of shame in my life and am definately not afraid to admit when I am wrong. I have had a chat with a few people of KO4LIFE (in-game and out) in a civil manner and have agreed to post this apology on Monday, however I have the night off from drill so I'm posting it tonight.

    I am fully aware that I have been disrespectful, extremely sarcastic and annoyingly borish to many random and a few select people (I will try to make it short):

    Lavie: I have resorted to PMing you in hopes that we could eventually cease future arguements but instead I ended up insulting you even further and showing no sign of good intention. For that, I have mislead even my own intentions. I am personally sorry for my direct insults and personal judgements based on no knowledge of who you are. Yes, you are right, I dont know shit about Mages and am probably the most inexperienced oldschool KO player there is without doubt.

    Tommay: This stupid forum-rivalry ends now with me giving up. I have nothing to gain, and probably have more to lose if I continue to piss you off so that is why I back down. Your reputation on the forums and in-game are high, and for that you have my respect. I also PMed you, but had absolutely no intention of giving you any satisfaction and for that I have made myself look like a child. I could go in more detail, but it would be too much to read.

    Thing: I never had an issue with you from the beginning, your negative comments towards me seemed to be direct but with good reason. I have indeed been annoying with my constant complaints about immature people when I have just circled myself right behind the issue of my complaint. By acting immature, I have attracted immaturity. It's a cycle I hope to end. I will take heed to your advice this time.

    There are others, I havent forgotten - just saving some words; PM me if you want an apology and have not recieved one, I will add it to this post. I dont know why I felt it necessary to jot down every negative thought that popped into my head, and I assure you this is not how I behave in reality - I have become very judgemental online for some reason and for that reason I seem to be quick to react in a negative response rather than executing "If you have nothing good to say, dont say anything at all." With that being said, you will no longer see a negative post from me again.

    I do not expect anyone to accept this appology and any negative responses are justified. It is here for you regardless.

    C-West ARM0R (current random name)
    Fuck you, Fuck your brother. Your sister. Your father. Most of all, Fuck your forum name.

    Profanity are words, expressions, gestures, or other social behaviors that are socially constructed or interpreted as insulting, rude, vulgar, desecrating, or showing disrespect.[1]
    The original meaning of the adjective profane (Latin: "in front of", "outside the temple") referred to items not belonging to the church, e.g., "The fort is the oldest profane building in the town, but the local monastery is older, and is the oldest building," or "besides designing churches, he also designed many profane buildings". Over time, this meaning changed to the current meaning.
    Other words commonly used to describe profane language or its use include: cursing, swearing, expletives, dirty words, sentence enhancers, cussing, blasphemy, and irreverent, obscene, foul, indecent, strong, pejorative, choice, bad, or adult language, and sometimes even "mature" language.

    <3. Don't forget me bro!

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    If he wants to apology for being **** is nice thing, not many people have the maturity being able to admit they acted like retards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koopy View Post
    Fuck you, Fuck your brother. Your sister. Your father. Most of all, Fuck your forum name.
    Don't they have medication for tourette's syndrome?

    JKJK :P

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