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uktram4go scamer

This is a discussion on uktram4go scamer within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Well i'm sorry to say that, but do u have nothing else to do :unsure: ??? I have quit the ...
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    Well i&#39;m sorry to say that, but do u have nothing else to do :unsure: ??? I have quit the forum for like 6 hour and now there is many new mesaje saying nothing, giving no more info to the subject and STILL GIVING FALSE INFO <_< , the character was get it up by 2 player, i know the real names of them but have non sense give it, and once again YES a cousin play also the account, that say nothing about he use speedhack, and c&#39;mon we all know that ur jalous for not being so good as him , or haven&#39;t items like him, so plzzzzz stop crying about what have other and what u don&#39;t, just begin to work and get ur own fuc**** items as he do. B)[/b]
    ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah someone can be jelaous on him???? if u talk about work say me plz what he work to get that items?? did he ever kill boss, find boss, saw drop???? lol trust me or not he is jelaous on us coz we ( talk about me and much similar ppl) didnt spend 1 $ on game and still have all good items, lvls,respect..oh yea when we talk about respect he will never have that ...!!!!

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    nordfront u dont know nothing...[/b]
    So in conclution he knows everything? :huh: :lol:

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    i hate stupid ppl that only cry and cry (you nordfront) and this guy put this post later and now understand? you and your noob clan only say this is babashoper, this is turk are racists, only say stupids things, learn to enjoy the game and close your mouth :angry:

    other thing you not have prove of nothing you are a jelaus player and i play this account too and i can say that this accoun is play for 3 ppl

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