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Best way to stop rollbacks?

This is a discussion on Best way to stop rollbacks? within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; i changed skills on slot too. my "save" is working.......
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    i changed skills on slot too.
    my "save" is working....

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    You really haven't got a grasp of what we're saying here tolgahan.

    Obviously the server saves your data sometimes otherwise nobody could exp, gain items, etc.

    What we're concerned about it that sometimes it doesn't do this properly. Which is especially important if you've just done a trade for something valuable.

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    i think everyone is afraid of rollbacks after they get something good. like yesterday night when we got the lycaon staff we were afraid like hell that it will be rolled back.

    my only opinions are: burn something on the anvil then go to eslant run a fast bosshunt wait like 20 mins before logging off and do not log off at moradon bcoz it seems moradon has the highest rate of not saving bcoz of the lot of online ppl. if you have to leave but you can keep KO running then merchant something or just stand somewhere and let KO run for longer time.

    the sad thing is that you still can get rollback.

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    Trading with people does not save.

    I have lost billions worth of items in roll backs. The items I last lost were traded at least 30 minutes before I logged off. If it's something important, you need to wait 1hr+ at the least.

    Here's the method I've invented to do a "safe" trade. No promises, since I haven't tested it enough. But I have yet to get rolled back doing it.
    1. Meet the person in battle arena
    2. Trade the item
    3. Select character while still in battle arena. Have the other person do the same
    4. Load the same character and same server (even loading a different char will run you the risk of rollback). Don't use any keys to rush the login/loading process (wait for the full zoom in to char effect, and the walk towards the screen effect. Don't skip them). Ask the other person to do the same.

    Again, no promises. But try it out with average to low value trades. I've used it to hand out several clan unqiues (but nothing better then a PE/WE). Zero roll backs.

    If the item is worth a large amount, just setup merchant and do something else for 1-2 hours, then use the trick above to reload your char.

    Selecting char in battle arena won't DC you, similar to the "Exiting game in .. seconds" trick.

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    Originally posted by Clerice
    You got rolled back after DC or exiting the game? Im pretty sure your account info is updated when you properly exit the game (and get that picture of the girl with a sword on it as it's closing)
    That is bullshit . You can do something as simple as switch servers and be rolled back . I got ready for war on d2 then changed server and guess fucking what . My shit was back in my inn :angry: I had to start over . Sorry I am not fussing at you . I just hate the rollbacks

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    rollbacks makes ppl cry like me...traded my stuf with a friend back from DLW char to main...he got rolled back me didn't. So items are KO

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