Well, ever since my brother download some crappy KO private server which seems legit, my computer freezes after 10 minutes or so of use, sometimes less. I deleted that ko file, got an anti-virus scanner, a malware scanner, and a registry cleaner. Malware scanner detected 3 Trojans which i deleted but my computer still freezes.

It doesnt go to the blue screen of death or anything, it just freezes.. Example, im scrolling down on a website, then it lags for like 10 sec, then freezes my comp, and i can move my mouse around for like 30 secs, before it gives like a 5 min. lag on my mouse. i tried everything, scanned everything, deleted soo many files, yet it still does this.
Whats wierd is, when im playing my FPS game, it freezes that by first saying "Disconnected from game" inside the game, not my computer, it allows me to alt+ctrl+delete to close it, which it does but the resolution stays the same and then it does the freeze..

can anyone please help :'(