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Build a sin for 2000$

This is a discussion on Build a sin for 2000$ within the Game Questions & Tips forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by bknight well definetely chd8 + access > shard9. not only better stats in your ac/hp/mana and resist. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bknight View Post
    well definetely chd8 + access > shard9. not only better stats in your ac/hp/mana and resist. but it may even increase your ap higher aswell.

    also keep in mind the elemental dmg from chd8 might also allow you too hit harder although it has less ap on high ac players.

    dont count out dark vane 8 either. my geuss is they are a bit cheaper then chd8..maybe by 25$.

    krowaz7, iron set, dual shard9 dual rol0, dual hr1 (visual).
    hp/mp/ac - 4306/6444/854
    ap - 1947
    55 fr/gr, 95 lr
    20 weap def all.

    krowaz7, iron set, shard9 - chd8, dual rol2, dual hr2 (visual).
    hp/mp/ac - 4593/6708/874
    ap - 1973
    75 fr/gr, 125 lr
    20 weap def all, +7 extra club def.

    krowaz7, iron set, shard9 - dv8, dual rol2, dual hr2 (visual), couple gb.
    hp/mp/ac - 4566/6758/874
    ap - 1998
    59 fr/gr, 109 lr
    20 weap def all

    you pick lol. these are based on kok stats, no buff,no wolf, no pathos,no valks. lvl 80 rogue and a $2,000 based budget. hope that makes your decision more clear.
    Ahhh, this was what I was looking for, thank you very much!

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    Meh i have geared out warrior, and i have played on a way less geared warrior with Old roc and Old Diamond ring. Wirnom 7 Krowaz 6 uniques are nothing special and if you know how to play and you have a priest you can rock people just as good compared to using the babad out warrior. Just have to know how to communicate with your priest and party and take down people in a particular order to where the last +9/+3uniqued guy is left and he wont win against 1 preist and two decently geared opponents, or even two decently geared opponents.

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    to all of you guys flaming this dude for wanting to spend 2k on buying a char and gearing him...

    do any of you know how long it takes to level a char from 1-83? it takes fuucking months of playing...not days, weeks, or even a takes months of your life...

    you could do it in 1-2 months if you glue yourself in front of a pc 24/7...but then seriously, whos the loser then?

    if you think about it...some dude that has a job...makes 3-4k a month (or more) isnt that big of a deal for him to want to enjoy the game and trade off money for items...

    maybe hes buying it from someone who wants to leave the game because theyve had enough?..

    in the end, its a win-win situation because the game goes on and everyone is happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by halelus07 View Post
    I've thought about spending 2000$ on an assassin in C-West
    spot the virgin

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    [QUOTE=kingoftheworld;2732195]DUAL ROL +2 = $560 EACH GB IS $3.5
    DUAL SHARD +8= $126
    IN SET = $237
    krowaz +7 SET= $350 for this im not sure how much is krowaz each part but i counted each part as 20gb but im sure its low...
    HR earing +3 visual dual $314

    THE total is $1587.00
    you have 413$ more but insted buying dual +8 shard you can buy +9 shard and use pd +7 or raum +7, or shard +8.
    also the prise that i puted up is maxxx you can find for lower but it will take time to look for...
    I hope this is will help you

    very good calculation... but i guess he do not have a char in game XD so u need to count in the price of lvl 83 rogue

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    what the hell would 40$ do for u lol ...hell if everyone baba shops on cwest why not join them..i know if i had a income atm i would be babaing the living crap out of the char i play lol

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