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About clan drops

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    bronze has half the stats of iron

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    Originally posted by C4pt4iN
    It depends on the clan rules, some clan gives drops by ur activity, loyality, behavior etc.

    Some clans give out item first to good friends, and some just give out by turns and what ppl needs or those I said above.

    Another thing is how much clan doing bosses. If clan hardly can or will kill any bosses, then CB will be most likely empty and then no one gets anything.

    I have been assist and leader of Silence for almost 1 year, and when clan disbanded, only thing I got was a PE since I already have bought all other things myself so I didnt asked for any items before we disbanded, so other members could got what they deserve.

    The last thing I would like to say is, dont be a begger and prove ur worthy/trust (I hate when ppl start begging, so no items to them). If CL/assist cant see that, then u should consider change clan

    just my f'in beef with uk2/uk1. though the difference being i've never needed clan items or really asked for them. what the hell does one have to do to "prove" they "belong"???

    i will say this- i feel some shit is seriously askew in how clan banks work these days and how only CLs/assists/their butt buddies seem to benefit from "clan drops", which i now consider the 2nd biggest sham ever, only superceded by the damn mora market.

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