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Increase in Ice success rate in CZ

This is a discussion on Increase in Ice success rate in CZ within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; LOL what are ice mages w/o slow. Hmmm lets see, they always do hardly 0 damage and then they cant ...
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    LOL what are ice mages w/o slow. Hmmm lets see, they always do hardly 0 damage and then they cant slow lol. Maybe Glacier staffs wont be the cheapest ones anymore . selling ares Garp +8 btw ...Edit: lol apparantly it posted 3 times while my pc was lagging.. cant delete sory :/

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    The legcut and scream thing seems to be right, it hardly ever works on humans, but I get stopped and slowed by them all the time. I was running in bowl on my 78 warrior, and I got ganked by 4 players, a rogue, a warrior, and 2 priests. The priests were intel, and the sin couldn't combo. I killed the sin, and the 2 priests start spamming the warrior with 1920. I sat down, and used hp pots while he sat there hitting me for about 2 mins, than decided it was a waste of my potions, since as soon as I attacked one priest, the other one would heal it, making cancelling heals not even matter. So I turn to run away, he screams me, it works. Scream wears off, and he leg cuts me, and that works. This happene 4, yes, 4 times in a row. I tried screaming and legcutting him 3 times each, 1 legcut, and one scream worked. Judging by his wimpy damage, I am assuming this guy wasn't much higher than upper 60's. So I'm guessing maybe something implemented to help humans out in Girakon or something.

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    GR Pots <3

    A little off topic but I miss my flash from scream too

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    I don&#39;t get it, are you saying it&#39;s 100%? It&#39;s increased I&#39;ll agree...but certainly not 100%...[/b]

    im ice mage lvl 74 with dual shio one + 1 and other + 2 still dun slow 100%

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    leggionaires band+SS+lycaon hammer+lillime&#39;s enticement+glacier talia+80 glacier resist.... slow my ass, 400+ gr :P

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