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Your first time playing Ko

This is a discussion on Your first time playing Ko within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; The first thing i remember was telling myself how dumb this game looked. I thought the graphics were horrible, and ...
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    The first thing i remember was telling myself how dumb this game looked. I thought the graphics were horrible, and who would spend hours killing monsters just to see a percentage bar grow? 3 years later, here I am .....

    I would also merchant drops for less than what you could NPC them for....

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    I remember spending hours at keilans farming accessory +5 drops. Had tons of them in my inn because i didn't know that you could combine ruby earrings and opal earrings together or the sapphire and ruby rings either. I remember having like 5 pages of my inventory filled with these ranging from +5 to +8.

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    ahh good old days, i didnt know that i can buy arrows from sundries so i was farming them from kecon, lvled until 35 in maradon.
    I got alchemy staff from warewolf ( hardest mob to kill in maradon that time i thought wow this item should be very expensive cos the mob is so hard to kill and i keep it for 3 month in my inventory^^
    got killed by an assasin in piana and he disapeared by using stealth, didnt know anything about invasion so i thought i exped so much today and game punishes me lol.

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    my first character was aah. actually i had account with like 30 mage and rogue and warrior and I was feeling like im teh shit for having those. lol It took me 2 mounths to get from 1 to 37 on my rogue and I had +6/5 sword breakers and i was thinking im godlike lol
    Then.. I went to goblins and i was like what the fuck people level too fast then i made new accounts and made made new characters to get them 1 to 30 fast in goblins =p
    i remmber those lovely days KO blows now

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    KO was my first MMORPG aswell.

    Started off at the early start of Xigenon, took me almost a week to get to 20.
    Usually hang out at DK hill, Solo DKS, was so happy when i got down one .
    And i enjoyed killing goblins with my friends, could stay there for a whole day without getting bored . I looked up to everyone that had good gear and was lvl 50-60
    Sultans, BadBoys etc. If they had a cape i would be more impressed..

    When i was noob and USKO was new, I had such a good feeling playing it. It was amazing, I never got bored at it.. I could gain 500k noah and be happy for the rest of the day.. It was just an adventure going to Abyss Dungeon. Comon who didnt enjoy exploring all the mobs on each floor at abyss? :P

    And what has KO become now? Shit.

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    Lightbulb My KO Experince

    My 1st ko experinse was a real fun one , all talking english no t---- in sight or pol--- ppl what so ever real good time

    Anyway it was me and my friend that heard of a new mmo coming up = MYKO BETA....

    Im sry to say im not that oldschool that joined on the 1st ko server ever made = adonis
    but i joined when 3d was up = patos server i belive if im not mistaken that 1st came
    Patos = here i 1st experince ko as it should be , and not that rubbish usko thing that is today

    Hehe me and my friend made a paper mage each
    he was fire
    i was ice

    And i remember that famous hill at breth , teleport to what nowadays calls Raon camp Doda
    there every body stayd in line to join partys for killing Death Knights

    And the most noobiest i ever did was the view in ko at thouse day In 1st person view u only saw ur weapon and stear urself with (WASD) HAHAHAHA that was the deafult view , on thouse days , not today now all can play ko like u should play it

    anyway all noobs sticked to that hill , but we who made it to 40+ could now join the "BIG guys"

    Now we knew on lv 40+ we could join good xp partys in estland , on AShknights and dts , but for us mages it was abvous Harpy AOE partys i remember a good warrior who gather all harpys with "provoke" i belive his name was BOT or B0T , and i was so impressed of 1 mage called "DPK" alias DarkPowerKing damn fastest aoer i ever saw and still are today

    And he was the one who teached me to change view with F9 so i stear with mouse instead of (WASD) hehe so i try to play with this new view and at 1st it took me alot of practise to not press wrong on the ground so i didnt, while cast an aoe spell run forward and cancle the spell by mistake but eventually i got it

    Sadly to say after a a while of playing i reached lv 53 , when they say Knightonline will now cost real money to play :S so i had no choise but to quit... And usko came zzzzzz

    With the Tr:s and i had no mood to play anymore Missed myko to much but today i regret that i didnt start play on usko cuz it was like myko thouse days Ares Diez Beramus

    But then suddenly after 2 years of break for me or so ppl say that myko is free to play again...

    and the former servers became 1
    Adonis + Logos = Xydonis
    Patos + Cypher = Odin
    so i start again and play on the server Odin and met same mage again (DPK) and played with him untill the new server came up = Deimos

    Here starts my best and funniest moments of my Knightonline Carrier

    I was there on the 1st day of Deimos opening untill the bitter END

    1st i made an assassin witch i surely could'nt handle at all

    I joined a clan named "damn cant remember the name but somthing with "P" , anyway the clan leaders name was "Veritas"

    I stayed there for a while but later i join the clan "KnightHooD" not same clan as in Odin , but the leaders name was "SirKaos" i remember the assist in that clan was a assassin named " BoboGoesSoet" he had the 1st Iron bow +8 on the server

    But all of the time i saw 1 clan that really impressed me and i saw they where real good , i wanted so bad to join them :/

    Lucky for me i had manage to get contact with one of them on the server Odin , didnt know that the time but , he was the one to intreduce me to there clan , so i talked to there leader namned "Adeline" he told me if u make a Priest u can join us ) so i did with no hasitation at all ^^ And with them i had the best and funniest time in my Knightonline History "they where real pro players best i ever played with ever!!! I really miss thouse guys alot :/"
    Best clan list iv been in:


    List of players i love to play with:
    (ofc my gf MohrganaII_sWe
    Adeline (aka r3iz)
    (i belive he was DarkSorcerer on Deimos in clan PresS_oK 1st on server to be lv70)
    Buf_Tiok_Lai (aka Bufpriest)
    SharpSolid (the real one from clan PresS_oK)
    Eureca (1st priest to lv 60)
    BBQ1 BBQ2 and BBQ3
    Good opponents i met list:

    MeasterVinnie (paper mage fire)
    dont remember so much more

    Ok hope u all wanted to read this and gets Flashbacks and plz comment if u recognise names or whatever CheerS cya all in game Regards: ProZiaC , ProZiaC_sWe , GroupCompleteHealing and my last myko char FresHOnE )
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    I use to be level 55 on beramus with md+5, kukry dagger +6, fp +6, and random dex jewls. Best times ever.

    I am now level 83 with +8/+2 gear and am miserable playing this game that I can't quit. The game use to be about who is the most skilled, now it's about who has the most priests in their party.

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    AL is Fresco


    Started my first character (rogue lvl 17) and after an hour or 2 the servers shutdown for 3 days... Gamers First? Garbage! Then months after I played again but only played with my friends characters.

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    in breth i remember voking breth fields (that was back when monsters would follow you forever) i rerolled from rogue to mage just so i could aoe / ks people voking breth fields

    you could go to eslant at any level (i think) and once you got level 33 you could join/ks the harpy parties at spot 1 and spot 2

    i remember seeing a chitin shield in merchant for 250mil in eslant

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    i remember watching 0000 and bob owning cz. i used to stalk them. I remember them both telling me how to combo. if i could only lvl past 38 i would have pwnt. :P now i quit and play with friends in priv servers.

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    Started learning on ares as a mage, went to oly wen the server beginning. have been playing with bunch of babashoppers in oly ( Antitode ), still remember theres alot of drama going between it. Then went to pathos, made it to the top as a rogue, but it got bored after a while then sold my 70 rouge for $12xx ( Couldnt reject this offer ^^ ) i'm just off and on with USKO ATM.

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    i started on Beramus... leveled 1 of every class to 35... decided to be an archer.. never looked back.. used to swift harpy aoe parties for hours

    then got to 50.. saw how much exp it took to level.. and died

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    my personal first time playing ko
    was when a girl told me it was a good game

    i logged in i didnt know i had to leave moradon castle
    to get higher lvls so i quit for about a year at lvl 1 back in KE.

    i had some fun times until about 4 months
    into girakon when plat prem was introduced
    took the fun outta the game.

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    farrkk yeh i rember when xping was fun ;p when i got lvl 45 for the first time archer with str stat points farmed worms with my friend for steilitos +8 so we could sell them for one piece of chitin +1 armor becuase it had gold on it lol insted of buying it i spent all the money to reskill my archer to sin ;p

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    Started out in Olympia with my cousin, got to level 35, joined a level 40's clan and thought i was so pro O.o!
    Was a warrior and had a +8 Two hand sword which i thought was IMBA XD

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