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Omg who is this prick

This is a discussion on Omg who is this prick within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; lol ok...2 people must play Zephyr, and one of them is an idiot. still like to see those 2 matches. ...
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    lol ok...2 people must play Zephyr, and one of them is an idiot. still like to see those 2 matches. maybe i should post your retarded msn pms huh.

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    Originally posted by evenson+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(evenson)</div>
    Originally posted by devilscommandments@

    btw devil the only +1 unique i have is a we and the rest are +0 so stfu

    That's not the point. The point is, your char is 70, and "he" whoever it was got beaten by Tri, same thing with ::Batman::, I heard someone say before Batman has shit items...pff i'm sure compared to what Tri had at the time of the 1vs1 Batmans items are by far superior to Tris'. Look at what you're saying i can't believe you guys are even arguing about this, both are lvl 70 talking shit to a 65 warrior. If Tri was 70 he wouldn't just beat you... he would woop your ass, again.

    As for evenson when the hell did I ask you about KoM ? I don't even know you i never talk to you...The only thing I bought for USD was a ROC from UndergrounD which got wiped a week later. The only time i hear shit comming outta your mouth in my direction is when you defend lvl 70 babashoppers. Take this adivice from me.."Speak when spoken to" kk ? You got nothin to do with this so quit yappin.

    You all gotta stop power trippin and think that you own the server. You say it wasn't you on the char it was your noob friend playing So....big fucking deal he lost and that's the point. Reality hurts but what can you do , accept it. Until you beat Tri in a 1vs1 just stfu cuz your talk won't change the fact that you lost. You don't see ::Batman:: flaming about this do you ?
    The main thing is, JERRY didnt lose to tri. No matter how hard you try.[/b]
    k dude, when and IF i get to 70, I will 1vs1 Jerry i'm guessing that's the real owner of Hype. Then you can get all your buddies to come and watch and fraps it, and when/if I lose talk as much shit as you please.

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    i want to watch too please devils.

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