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This is a discussion on SCAMMERS LIST within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; sakis on forum scammed me ;( his msn is [email protected] DONT TRADE WITH HIM !!!!!!!!...
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    i think that with this evidence ... we can add 2 scammers ! :P

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    CheriGirl and CheriBoy (think it's a same person, altho they claim they r not) are scammers, dont trust them, boot 'em off ur partys and clan

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    from olympia

    :insert/extremeheat hacked about half a clan i used to be in (Stormblast) then got hacked by a turk himself :P:P:P pwnt
    HereticNL/hot_buff/weenplz/ (he has alot of chars:S) and his bud saioschi or something scammed alot of people on oly and me once, tried to scam me time and time again afterwards
    xsp00nx scammed a few people

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    I am Maggi, a pretty known player on Cypher and Manes.

    I was supposed to trade dual kekuri rings and a chitin rogue dd +7/15 on RONARK for this lvl 69 (delvled from 70) warrior named lDontTownl on xigenon

    I gave S Amir (e-mail [email protected]) 1 kekuri, then he gave me ID and pw to check the acc. I did check the account. Everything seemed okay to me. Then he told me to give the other items and I did. I had asked him several times before if he had ALL the payment info to change the pw, and he kept saying he did. He also said he is DayDreamer of ko4life, and for once I believed him, for once I didnt tell him to send me a PM to prove it, cuz he speakes Dutch >.< Usually I always tell ppl so send me a PM to prove it, but like I said, this one time I didnt, and it went wrong. I gave him the rogue dd and 20 m (cuz I sold the other kekuri) then he said in pm in ko &#39;go msn&#39; I went back to my msn, and then he said: SA: Istanbul and went offline. I added him on my friends msn, and he went online on there, while he was offline on my msn, so he blocked me. I only said: fukin scammer -.- and then he blocked me off my friends msn too.

    Anyways just dont trust him >.< dont want any other ppl to fall for his scams

    heres a ss which proves he was offline on my msn, and online on my friends msn (i got that thingy to multi login on msn )

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    ThiefNeMo ex member of EuroStar (MANES) took my items (ss +0 / shard +3/reverse /wp etc ...) and quited clan

    Good luck fuckin r-tard

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    I wont to report paypal scammer,

    nickname: Come0nSexy(rogue),O_o(bp)

    paypal email address - [email protected]
    msn address - [email protected]

    May 8, 2007 Payment To Behçet Gülendağ (maybe father) Completed Details -$xy.00 USD (scammer name is Erman Gülendağ)

    He even gave me phone number of his mother cell phone : 00905387486466, I had no reason not to bealive him....

    Botom line is that I payed for the item in USD, and he didnt contact me from May 8.

    Well this concludes leasson about paypal for me...

    Best regards,


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    well add gonno to the list of cheaters and SCAMMERS[/b]

    this guy, jezuss, dontlikeafreak is biggest retard from edena now of ronark... you cant put anyone in cheater list or w/e because you are lvl 70 fp+7 hxb +6 from ronark koxper..... don&#39;t believe a word he sais ... he scams his self and no ive done alot of successful usd trades with trytankme and he aint a cheater all ppl from edena and ronark will back this up this guy is an immature 11 year old..... don&#39;t believe what he sais.

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    coty_sk -dies warior
    i sold him shield and deal was 8gb+kekuri ring...
    doesnt matter what shield it was...
    he said that he will have money soon so he will give me 400M+ring now and one week later he will give me next 400M...
    he was friend so i was like "yes sure why not"
    yea but that was 1.5 month ago and i am spaming him for my money...
    i think its scam... deal=deal and 400M is not 800M...

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    ^--is name on Ko4life...

    been trying to scam in logos a few times but he&#39;s just not very good at it

    unsuccessfully scammed my hb+8
    unsuccessfully scammed a clannies char/items

    ban please

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